Harden Your Home

Your home may be your castle, but it’s susceptible to invasion. Although your homeowners association probably frowns on moats, there are some security measures you can take to keep modern-day barbarians from coming over the walls.

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The wise thing to do is to prevent bad guys from getting in rather than dealing with them in your house. I always secure all windows and doors with good locks, install lighting on all sides of my house and keep two dogs who bark at any sound. What do you do?


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  1. Wow, thanks for all that input. I just have good lighting and a wall around my house. They can always climb over the wall but I also have dogs that bark at anything. I unfortunately have a house with a lot of sliding glass doors. In fact, I have two walls of the house that are top to floor glass. Luckily I live buried deep in a large development far from public access. However, there are home robberies done by people who rent the snow bird’s homes. Mostly crimes of opportunity though.

  2. Where to start…

    I religiously keep gates shut and locked. Fences are checked several times a year and repaired immediately. Gates reinforced. Backyard shed stays locked with a master lock. Nothing valuable is kept in the backyard.

    Don’t store stuff on the side of the houses. Nothing on the front porch – it’s completely void of anything that can be used to mask someone.

    Get rid of any tall shrubs (we dug out 13 yr old holly shrubs) and go with dwarf plants (so they can’t hide when headlights briefly hit them if they think about trying).

    Side yards and back yard have motion sensor lighting. The occasional cat or raccoon have successfully been discovered as a result. We got the kind that is bright but can be focused to not disturb or shine over to the neighbor’s.

    Keep limbs from trees cut back away from roof lines and over patio areas. Yes it’s great for shade, but it also gives people places to climb over from other’s yards…


    Garage doors stay closed.

    Cars are never parked on the street, nor ever in the driveway, even in the daytime (this serves double duty that people can’t tell when we are home or not home – it looks the same all the time).

    We do NOT put our garage remote on the wi-fi system. If they can hack your router, they can get to your garage door!Screens on all the windows…individually locked windows.

    Exterior locks are never cheapies. Brass locks…and first choice: keyed locks and second, a 4-digit combo that isn’t seen from a distance (for the trusted yard guy). 3 digit combos are too easy to hack. My yard guy never varies – he never farms out his work (in Houston, they often do – tough to find one that doesn’t).

    Back door is a half light door – we had to special order a double keyed deadbolt so even if the window is broken, they still can’t open the door. We went with all metal locks, and were installed by a lock smith (not a DIY in my mind because of the minor adjustments they can make that add safety factors).

    Installed metal 5ft double kick strike plates on the door knob side. Installed 3″ screws in the hinge side (hinge side we are told can be very vulnerable with just 3/4″ screws that are more common that you think).

    When we had our garage door replaced recently, we opted to NOT get the exterior handle and lock. Too many are used by break in artists we are told by the garage door guy – he repairs a lot of them (sadly after the fact). We also opted for a heavy duty storm garage door that is very tough to lift (we got a battery back up for the door, in times of a storm, which we had to have anyway since one of us is an LEO).

    Windows…if you can break the window they simply reach in to undo the standard lever lock, so we found actual locks that were very tough to find in the US. Even our locksmith said he couldn’t make a recommendation. Downside is you much plan out fire escape routes if you use these. It’s impossible to open the window unless you have a key…and since time works against a burglar, we figure if they even try 1/4 of these, they will give up.

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