My first time carrying a concealed gun – Humor

Since so many people are kind enough to share their first concealed carry experience with me, I thought that I would share mine as I always liked guns as far back as I can remember.  My first time was when I tucked my recently acquired handgun under my new Walmart dress belt on my shorts, covered by my Tee Shirt that was a size too small due to a recent weight gain.

The gun worked great after testing it with a full clip.  I ccw learn gangwonder if they are called clips because in the past you used paper clips to hold your bullets? Not bad for a gun so new it had no serial number. Probably a demo gun.  I got a good deal on the gun as the guy who sold it to me had just got out of prison and needed quick cash. He seemed like a nice guy. Even passed his friend Nick’s check for an extra $25. Taught me an elaborate handshake and called me his homey.  Some kind of artist I think due to the many tattoos. May have been royalty as I heard him mention the Latin Kings.
First stop was the Post Office where I checked to see if my concealed carry badge had arrived yet. I did not know you had to buy your own. I thought that the State provided them but, like with my gun, I learned the hard way that you had to buy all your own stuff. They do not tell you that in ccw school even though they had four hours to cover everything. It had arrived along with about a $1000 of other accessories I bought. I put it on so I could be official and then it was off to the local bar. I bought everyone a drink telling them to have one on me to celebrate the first time I was carrying concealed. The free drinks were appreciated and we all got drunk and friendly but apparently there must have been trouble after I left because as I pulled out of the bar’s parking lot two police cars, lights a blazing, pulled in.

Like everyone else, I was concerned about whether people could tell I was packing heat so I did the Wally Walk and asked everyone that I passed whether or not they could tell I was carrying a gun.
I made my way to the ammo counter in the sporting goods section and asked for half a dozen of those bullets with the big holes in them. I figured that they would be much cheaper because they used less metal. You know, them JHP; Jam proof Hollow Projectiles.  When the nice lady behind the register asked me what caliper I wanted, I drew my gun and pointed it at her to show her the size hole of my gun. I do not think she had what I needed as she immediately got on the phone, apparently to ask her warehouse manger, so I left.  As before, trouble must have broken out after I left due to the amount of police activity as I was leaving.
I next stopped by my school to see if anyone could make me and ran into some other students who open carried; something I will try next.  Most people did not notice our guns. Perhaps they did not notice because there was something going on elsewhere judging from the sounds of the many sirens I heard.
By then it was almost game time so I headed for the football stadium, first making a quick stop at my local Police Station to pick up an accident report from the week before. Then it was off to the Federal Building to drop off my amended tax return at the IRS offices. I was surprised that no one asked to see my badge.
I got to the night game in time but the guy in front of me was a jerk and I had to threaten his seeing eye dog to shut him up from constantly asking why people where cheering. That is one of the side benefits they do not tell you about at ccw school. It was a good game and my team won and after firing off some celebratory shots above me, I left. Heard those sirens again but this time I thought that perhaps they were there because of me.  I forgot that there was another level above my seat.

All in all my first day carrying was uneventful and not as scary as I thought it would be. I did learn that I should carry every day because of all the police activity at all the places I visited. There are a lot of nuts out there and you have to be prepared. I also learned that even when you show people your concealed gun they usually insist that they do not see a thing and walk away. Goes to prove what everyone says about people not noticing your gun.

I also think the concealed carry badge was a good investment because I can see where it will save my life. With all the police activity at the places I went to today I can envision a time when I want to help them and draw my gun to assist their efforts and would need a way to identify myself as a good guy. The badge would certainly come in handy and am even thinking that maybe some sort of uniform might also work well. At least I will not be defenseless the next time I board a flight. Anyone have holster suggestions for flying? My mom is in a Mental Institution in NYC and I fly up to see her once a month. I assume my concealed carry badge is also good in NYC since it does not have the name of any State written on it.

This is a copy of a post I did a few years ago to show how not to carry a gun.

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  1. Pretty Funny!

    The only time I ever had something “funny” happen is after buying a brand new 10mm Delta Elite, I dropped my new 1911 platform into a tried and true IWB holster. I then headed off to the movies with a buddy of mine. About halfway through the movie I REALLY started itching right where the pistol sat on my right hip. After the movie (the last 45 minutes being REALLY uncomfortable), I headed to the bathroom to discetely check what was going on. To my chagrin, I found that the Delta was SO cleanly made that all the edges were so sharp it had sliced my hip up and I was a bloody mess! I pulled my shirt down as far as it would go and had my buddy walk at my 2 O’clock to hide the carnage. When I got home I cleaned up myself, and then cleaned the pistol and carefully rounded the slide, hammer etc. I have a saying about knives that “until it cuts me, its not truly mine!”, I guess the Delta just got confused!

    • Never had a gun with sharp edges like that. What spurred my remark was reading about a guy who bought a M&P Shield, which is really an entry level gun from S&W, or used to be before the prices went up. He had it Cerakoted and melted along with a few other things that did nothing to make the gun shoot better. The Shield is pretty well rounded around the edges to begin with.

  2. OMG I thought this would be about sights digging into your kidney for 6 hours until your cheap floppy inside the pants holster parted with it’s belt clip and slowly slid down the inside of your pants leg. Or about your buddy poking you in the ribs at the salad bar and saying, “Please casually bend down and retrieve your pistol that I am thoughtfully concealing under my left foot.”
    … wait…that was MY funny first CCW story..

    • Let’s see what happened to me during my first month of carrying:

      1. I was talking to a guy and my gun fell out of my IWB holster onto the ground. Apparently when I was sitting down previously it had worked its way loose. I just picked it up while still continuing the conversation and holstered it. Who is going to question a guy with a gun?

      2. I was carrying a Glock 19 in a belt slide holster in a dark movie theater. When I sat down the arm of my chair hit the bottom of my gun and it popped out onto the floor. It was dark and I could not feel it so I had to get down on my hands and knees on a sticky floor to feel for it. Learned my lesson and now always use a holster that covers the whole gun.

      3. I was visiting the dentist for the first time with a gun on me. Unfortunately I was pocket carrying. I did not count on the dentist raising the chair so that my feet where higher than my head and my gun slid out but I caught it in time before it fell on the floor. The dentist just looked at me funny. I looked back and just said, ‘better not hurt me’ and she laughed.

      After that I learned my lesson about what to be careful about when I carry and have not had any further incidents.

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